Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TaG?? aGAin??

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I do not eat cheese n drink solely milk - nope!! i like both of them.. its gud for our health, ma...
Kaki saya size 7/8 n jari2 sy sgt pjg - yup.. my shoes size is 7.. not yet 8.. but it depends on the brand. sumtime it can be 6 also.. usually vincci, primavera, sembonia, carlo rino and hush puppies will b 7 but clarks wil b 6.. he3
Saya ader sinus n gastric - sorry.. dun have one!! i'm a healthy person!!
I'm da only girl in da family - nope!! all of us are girls... 3 dara pingitan!! kui3.. so, we can share everything. e.g: skaft, shoes, cosmetics, clothes & everything that related 2 girls nye bnda la... and 1 more thing... we can talk bout M.A.C, bobbi brown, La Senza, and mcm2 lg r... he3
I can bake but can't cook - sowwy... i'm not interested in baking but i'm intersted selling cookies for Hari Raya.. wanna buy some?? he3.. but i do like cooking ssooo much! eventhough my cooking is not tasty as my mum's cook.. nasib r nazra.. ko jek yg larat mkn air tgn aku.. pasni insyaallah... eddie plak.. kui3
I luv shopping - btul! btul! btul! i looooooovvvvveeeeeee shopping..!!! demam2 or sakit2 pn bleh baik klau shopping nye psl... 1 more thing, my dear also like shopping!! but i can spend the whole day at the shooping mall 2 spend all my money for shopping.. tp, skrg kna jimat.. nk kawen ma...!!
I bought shoes nearly every month - not really... myb 1 in 2 month... latest is a pair of sembonia shoes for hari raya...
ok.. i'm done..!! sape i nk tag eh...?? jaga2 sume... heheheh
1) opie
2) nana
3) zety
4) aja
5) elle (ke ko dh kna??)


Eliya Hazreeq said...

Rose bley x aku nk ckp ko slh bace soklan..tag ni dr Fara kan..soalan dia ce ko bace bbtul..ko cam ulas blk jwpan dr Fara la..aku gelak cam nk pengsan okeh xD