Saturday, October 11, 2008

ComBee is GroWing.. anD GroWing.. AnD gRowing..

salam, frens...
2day i would like to tell about my ComBee.. Again?? he3.. as usual la.. combee is already 6 month ++. she's growing up with a healthy body (without any mitch) and with her beautiful, fluffy coat.. i like 2 see everytime she lick her soft coat.. mcm beria2 sgt nk clean up her coat.. i cant help myself from waiting her to grow up so dat i can mating her wif another male cat (persian with a flat face) he3.. so, if anyone interested 2 "berbiras" ngn me, feel free to contact me... daaaa...
she likes to sleep on my bed!!

tido again??

...and again

cute, huh??

comfort zone.. heheh!

alalala.. tomey nye cayang aku ni!!

hey, wake up!!

ya ampun... nmpk sgt ko ni mls!!

she is sooooo pamper!!


gg said...

Kacik Ngan biawak aku nak..mesti ensem anak kucing tuh

Sweetmama said...

comelnyer kucing.....