Friday, August 14, 2009

BoWim.. BoriNG.. BoSaN..

hari ni hari yg sgt membosankan...

My dear kna bwk my in law blk kg kt perak.. nk ikut.. tp, pewut ni sakit klu lama sgt duk dlm kete.. so, My dear has to leave me at my mother's house.. adeq E plak g penang. k.ann pn x balik kepong, myb de plan ngn hubby ye. mak keje. abah g masjid.. me? home alone.. uuwwaaaaa...

wut i'm goin' to do 2day?

1) kemas umh

2) preparing for lunch (done!)

3) have a visit to my frens that has giving birth. (done!)

4) call My dear (done!)

5) update status kt FB (he3)

**till then.. bubui..